Impact Stories

  • We know how to Smile Again
    A daily wager from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhavi Lal and his wife had a simple but happy life. This changed with the birth of their fourth child, Kunal. Normally, the birth of a boy is a joyous occasion in their village but when they saw Kunal, both parents were shocked. The taunts of the village women made it even harder for Chhavi Lal and his wife to live in peace.

    One day, Chhavi Lal saw a newspaper advertisement of Savitri Hospital, Gorakhpur (an IBF tie up hospital) where the before and after picture of a cleft child was shown. It also mentioned that free surgery would be provided. Chhavi Lal and his wife took little Kunal and travelled 80 kilometres to Savitri Hospital. Here they were counselled by the hospital staff and Kunal was provided a safe and quality cleft surgery, absolutely free.

    When Kunal’s bandages were removed after the surgery, both Chhavi Lal and his wife started crying. They were tears of joy as Kunal’s cute smile was the best gift! "We never thought this was even possible and such a surgery to happen completely free of cost was too good to be true. We are eternally thankful to Indiabulls Foundation to have taken care of the operation and bring smiles back on our faces forever" said Chhavi Lal.


  • No more pain....Dreams at last

    I was suffering from kidney stone for the past 6 months. There was severe pain at the back of my stomach which wouldnt let me sleep and I use to cry at night because of the unbearable pain. There was burning sensation while urinating which hampered my day to day life. I approached and took advice from many different government and private practitioners. I had been advised for expensive medicines and surgical operations. It was hardly possible for me to purchase medicine or go for an operational procedure. That's when I saw Indiabulls Foundation’s ‘JanSwasthya Kalyan Vahikain my village. I approached the mobile medical van and narrated the doctor about my health issues. After examining me, he explained about the course of therapy. The pharmacist gave me medicines free of cost and also counseled me as to how to use the medicines.

    Within a week's time I was relieved of the burning sensation and pain in my stomach. Doctor told me to do sonography test again and we saw there was no kidney stone. 

    Am very happy that Indiabulls Foundation’s medical van comes right into my village as we had to walk 6 kms to avail any kind of medical facilities but now we are very happy we are getting medical facilities at our doorstep absolutely free.