Rural Empowerment

Water Wheel Project

As fetching water being the biggest challenge in rural India it compels especially women folk to travel kilometres before they can find any.

Indiabulls Foundation has aptly addressed the dire need of more than 22,000 beneficiaries for getting water. With this activity IBF has not only brought relief into these women’s lives but also has achieved a paradigm shift of the villagers mindset in fetching water. Not so common scenario of men doing the task has become common in the villages where IBF has distributed the Water Wheels.


The water wheels provides 45-50 litres of water per filling. It consists of a handle attached to a rolling drum. The easy design makes it easier for the person to pull or push the water wheel with ease. Made for multi terrain the water wheel is designed to run in almost all regions.


The water wheel is completely food grade making the water absolutely safe to drink and store.




Considering the massive problem of water scarcity in the rural parts of Maharashtra, Indiabulls Foundation has taken up yet another challenging role of providing water to the children of tribal ashram schools in its initiative called 'Rahat'. In this project, such schools are identified where water is a huge problem despite the availability of a water source in the area. This water source can either be a neighbouring well, hand pump, river, dam, waterfall or a natural pond.

Indiabulls Foundation has provided Rahat to 3 tribal ashram schools, Dadade, Talawali and Padsarey ashram schools, in the tribal belt of Maharashtra. Approximately 2300 children from these schools benefit from this project every single year.

Children unfortunately are forced to leave the premises of the school to access these water sources which at times could be kilometres away exposing them to extreme weather conditions and endangering them to wild animals or human traffickers.

Indiabulls Foundation with the help of the local authorities identifies such water sources and provides water connection by laying a pipeline from the source to the school complimeted also by providing water motor pumps, water storage tanks or also by creating concrete structures to divert the water flow to the school.


Provision of Street Lights

Wagholi village approached the Indiabulls Foundation for street light arrangement in their village. As Wagholi village is more prone to animal attack in night so it’s become necessary to arrangement of street lights in Wagholi.


Population of Wagholi is approx. 1800. So taking into consideration the population of area and requirement, fixing of street light work was completed in a reasonable time and it benefited all the villagers of Wagholi.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water scarcity is not a new term for villages of Maharashtra especially in the Marathwada region. Sugaon is one such place located in Latur that suffers from water scarcity. houses, schools, hospitals and all working institutions run dry due to lack of water especially during the hot summers. To curb the water shortage problem of Sugaon, Indiabulls Foundation has set up a Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting plant at the Zilla Parishad school of Sugaon. This project by IBF aims to use rain water for secondary purposes and to augment ground water source. Through this project, rain water is accumulated, filtered and stored in tanks that can be used by the school children for secondary purposes. The excess rain water is stored in borewell that increases ground water level and quality.

This project directly helps 375 students currently studying at the school and aims at helping many more children every year. This project is not only towards conserving rain water but also to create awareness among the students and residents of the village on the value and usage of water.

Community Water Storage Facility

Indiabulls Foundation in partnership with Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan has set up Roof Rain Water Harvesting System cum Water Storage Tank project in drought affected regions in the rural and tribal community.


As the villages suffer from drought, villagers are facing the problem of water as there is no facility of storage in the villages. This causes a huge burden on the villagers especially in the summer season. Hence IBF has constructed 5 water tanks with 10000 litre capacity in Khoch, Dolhara and Shendyachimet villages from Mokhada taluka of Palghar district which can store the water made available by tankers and will be used by community as and when required.


3990 people from Mokhada Taluka each year are benefitting from this project.


Beneficiary Name: Smita Sole - Sarpanch - Dongarpada

IBF Initiative: Water Wheel Project

Some men used to help us to get water from the wells. But usually it’s the women who have to deal with these ...

Beneficiary Name: Krishna Dhodi - Kashivali - Palghar

IBF Initiative: Water Wheel Project

My wife carries 4 pots to fetch water from a well which is at a distance of 3-4 kilometres from our village. I used ...