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Indiabulls Foundation successfully completes yet another bold initiative of distributing ‘Kumud- Sanitary Napkins’ to underprivileged women and girls in Maharashtra.
This initiative has benefited more than 1,45,000 rural women & adolescent girls from various ashram schools, orphanages, shelter homes and rehabilitation centers for a complete year in Thane, Raigad, Palghar and Mumbai districts. This initiative is not only safe and hygienic for these young women but also boosts their confidence, improves their attendance rate at work and academic performance in schools.
Kumud as a project is not only about distribution of sanitary kits but also is an awareness tool to let the women exhibit their freedom while in menses. Talks and guidance is key to the initiative being a huge success and imbibed into the community.

Green Soles

With continuous efforts for enlightening the lives of the children studying in the ashram schools & villagers in Thane, Raigad & Palghar districts, Indiabulls Foundation along with its ongoing projects came up with a solution for the barefoot children. It was observed that 75% of the villagers & children studying in the ashram schools didn't have footwear for their feet. This causes inconvenience in mobility, cracked heals making them more prone to infections & diseases. Due to not wearing of proper footwear & unhygienic conditions they are susceptible to Hookworm, Schistosomiasis & Tungiasis which could even lead to death.


Indiabulls Foundation spread cheer & joy by distributing free footwear that will enhance people’s mobility. 6700 pairs of footwear have been distributed overall so far.


With this initiative IBF has not only bought respite to these students and villagers but also contributed to an ecofriendly environment. The footwear distributed during the activity are specially designed footwear which are made from refurbished soles, thus contributing to save 12150 lbs. of Carbon Emission in the atmosphere.


Beneficiary Name: Bharati (Chikle Ashram School)

IBF Initiative: KUMUD

I am really very happy to have received the sanitary napkins from Indiabulls Foundation. I am being benefitted on a ...

Beneficiary Name: Sarita Patil, Chimpode, Raigad

IBF Initiative: Kumud

I and the ladies of my village are very happy to get Kumud. Earlier such facilities were never known or even given to ...