Disaster Relief

Kashmir Relief

In an effort to span its CSR activities in calamity stricken areas, Indiabulls Foundation provided timely relief to 10,000 flood affected people in Kashmir by providing them nutrition supplement which improves their immune system and ensures good health.


Indiabulls Foundation reached out to those areas which were badly hit by the floods like Srinagar, Argutnu, Kelam amongst other areas.

Nepal Relief

Under its Disaster Relief thrust area, Indiabulls Foundation has once again provided timely relief of 10,000 nutritional packets to the affected people in Nepal, suffering from the earthquake. The supplement is a ready to eat mixture providing well needed nourishment to the affected people.


IBF in conjunction with Goonj has taken up the endeavor of reaching out far and wide to help the earthquake victims and ensuring that the people of Nepal get the much needed help they deserve.


Chennai Relief

When the flood hit Chennai, it continued to be a struggle as contamination of drinking water, slush and inaccessibility of roads had made everyday living an ordeal for the people in the city.

Areas, especially suburban, where the situation was very grim and it seemed completely out of reach was mapped and touched by IBF.

IBF mobilising a quick strategy in its relief response, deputed its Chennai team headed by Mr. C. Sivamanicame for the ground assessement and an indepth analysis of the affected areas.

Indiabulls Foundation provided timely relief to 1500 families with 5 kg nutritional packets to each family. The supplement is a ready to eat mixture which provided well needed nourishment to the Chennai flood affected people.






Chennai Cyclone Relief

Chennai was hit by cyclone Vardha on 12th of December 2016 leaving the city in shambles. Continuous efforts of Indiabulls Foundation ensured cemented aid to the badly affected labourers.  Following the devastation a team was immediately deployed and dispatched to the affected areas. Each person was provided with basic food materials consisting of 5kgs rice, 1½kgs dal & 1lt cooking oil.

IBF disaster relief program was extremely beneficial to 1000 labourers and their families.






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