Growth Stories

  • "Getting water is no more a tedious task"

    This is an impact story of people of Palasdhari Thakurwadi village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Come, lets find out how they have grown in many ways more than one.

    We are 100 families staying in this village which is located on a hill. We have to walk down the hill and only then we can have access to basic things like food, water, transport etc. As we all grew up, we saw our sisters, mothers and grandmothers walking almost 5 kilometers everyday with 4-5 pots to fetch water. A lake near the main road is our only source of getting water for household purposes.

    The road to walk is uneven and gets muddy during the rains making it extremely difficult to walk back after fetching water. Most women from our village suffer from back pains, knee pains only because of this task of getting water.

    We thought we didn’t have a solution to this, until Indiabulls Foundation found one. They gave us water wheelbarrows. This drum like structure holds 45 litres of water, which suffices for a family’s daily water requirement. As it’s a rolling drum, it makes it a healthy and an easy option as compared to carry pots over our heads. Not only have our trips to fetch water reduced, but now even the men of the family willingly go to get water. We are very happy that Indiabulls Foundation helped us in addressing our daily problem. Thankfully in our village now, fetching water is no more just women’s look out, but it’s become a collective family responsibility” said happy women of Palasdhari Thakurwadi village.

  • "It was the first time any kind of medical facility came to our doorstep"

    “It might sound strange to you but I haven’t visited a doctor till date. It’s not because I have never fallen ill, but because accessing good quality medical facility was not possible for me. We have a primary healthcare centre located about 10 kms from our village. But the irony is that, it’s either shut or over crowded", said a very dissapointed Rajesh Patil, a resident of Sheregaon in Shahapur. Every villager has to compromise on their health due to non-availability of services. But this changed when Indiabulls Foundation organized a health camp in our village recently.

    He goes on to say "On the day of medical camp, there were a team of qualified and experienced MBBS doctors, pharmacists and other staff arranging and organizing the medical camp. When I went to the doctor, the doctor asked me questions about my illness and used some instruments for check up. It was the first time I had a thorough check up done. After giving me the said medicines the pharmacist explained to me in detail which medicine is to be taken and when".

    "More than 1000 patients from our village and nearby villages were checked and given proper treatment. I was happy to know that Indiabulls Foundation conducts such medical camps every month in different villages like ours and brings healthcare to poor people like us at our doorstep".