Sameer Gehlaut

Sameer Gehlaut is founder of the Indiabulls Group

Sameer Gehlaut is a first-generation entrepreneur, businessperson, and founder of the Indiabulls Group. In 2010, Mr. Gehlaut helped establish the Indiabulls Foundation, the CSR arm of Indiabulls Group.

Since its founding, the Foundation has gone on to establish life-enhancing programmes spanning health, nutrition, education, sanitation, renewable energy, rural empowerment, and disaster relief.

In the health space, the Indiabulls Foundation has established a convoy of vans to provide mobile healthcare to rural and urban locations, built more than 15 free medical clinics nationwide, and set-up community healthcare camps across Maharashtra. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation recently distributed more than 2.5 million COVID healthcare kits across the country.

Whilst in the education space, the Foundation has provided cutting-edge technology to schools throughout India, ensuring all children, regardless of their background, are given the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy. The Foundation recently contributed e-learning setups to 56 schools and its educational projects have now reached more than 100,000 young people.

Over its history, the Indiabulls Foundation has reached more than 7.5 million underprivileged people across India, and the Foundation’s leading Scholarship Programme recently celebrated enrolling its 1,400th disadvantaged young person into university.

In 2019, the Indiabulls Foundation won the prestigious Mahatma Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Alongside his work with the Indiabulls Foundation, Mr. Gehlaut is also CEO and Executive Chairman of Dhani Services, Founder of Clivedale and Non-Executive Director at Indiabulls Housing Finance.

Corporate profile

Mr. Gehlaut founded Indiabulls Group from a single office with two co-founders in 1999. Within three years, the company had built a network of more than 75 branches across 55 cities in India, quickly becoming one of the country’s leading online brokerages.

In 2004, Mr. Gehlaut led the business through its successful IPO. At the same time, the company expanded rapidly into financial services, providing cost-effective home, business, and vehicle loans. The business pioneered online lending in India by leveraging its robust physical infrastructure and by 2008, the company’s shares had delivered investors returns of more than 1,200 percent.

Anticipating the uptake in mobile technology, Mr. Gehlaut founded Dhani Services in 2017. The Dhani app provides more than 26 million people with access to video consultations with doctors, affordable medicine, and personal finance services from the convenience of their smartphone.

Today, Indiabulls Group is one of India’s leading conglomerates, employing almost 20,000 people, with businesses active across housing finance, real estate, consumer lending, lighting, heavy equipment rental, and pharmaceuticals. It has also established itself as one of the leading places to work, and was recently ranked in the top 20 ‘Best Places to Work’ in India by The Economic Times.

Outside of India, Mr. Gehlaut is the founder Clivedale, the independent London-based super-prime real estate developer that has delivered many of the city’s iconic, well-known developments. He also led Indiabulls’ investment in UK business lender OakNorth Bank in 2015.

Mr. Gehlaut holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

You can read more about Sameer Gehlaut on the Indiabulls Group website, Clivedale, Bloomberg, as well as his insvestor profile.